Security (PEN) Testing

Penetration (PEN) Testing is a process that utilizes a combination of manual and automated techniques to replicate a real-world attack on an organization’s information security measures, whether from malicious external actors or internal employees. Conducting a series of penetration tests aids in evaluating an organization’s security measures and identifying areas that require improvement. When executed and documented correctly, a penetration test can offer insight into almost all technical security vulnerabilities and furnish the necessary information and assistance to remedy or mitigate those weaknesses.

While penetration testing will identify vulnerabilities and provide valuable insights into your organization’s security arrangements, it is not a simple process, nor is it a universal solution. There are several challenges your organization may face when conducting penetration tests, such as determining the extent of the test’s coverage, deciding which type of penetration test to use, managing risks associated with system failure and data exposure, agreeing on the targets and frequency of tests, and if fixing the vulnerabilities found during the test will make your systems “secure” without further measures.

A penetration test is best performed by an independent and qualified expert company who also qualifies as ethical security testers. The objective of a penetration test is to exploit known vulnerabilities, as well as to utilize the tester’s expertise to identify specific weaknesses that may be unknown to your organization.

We offer many different types of penetration testing, and we also can help you determining a penetration testing program suitable for your organization. And our services don’t stop identifying vulnerabilities, we also will fix them and suggest measures to avoid such vulnerabilities in the future.

The following pages give an overview of best practices and various types of security testing scenarios. We are experts in this field and can help you with your security testing programs and with performing all types of penetration tests, assessments, and audits.