Instructor On-Demand

Most of our experts are also experienced speakers and instructors, the better part of them also officially certified instructors of various vendors. In addition, our staff has decades of experience when it comes to arranging, customizing, developing and delivering educational events and programs of any size.

Supporting most geographies, in-person or virtual deliveries, all major languages and most major vendors like Aruba, AWS, Cisco Systems, Google Cloud, F5, Fortinet, Microsoft, Red Hat, VMware, etc. we usually can help whenever you need instructors for single deliveries or larger training programs.

We also offer keynote speakers if you want to establish the perfect vibe for your event or get your team or your customers excited. Many of our experts have decades of experience in their field of expertise, ranging from infrastructure to highly customized software solutions covering all industries and verticals. Their expertise is a given but in addition to their knowledge, many of them are inspiring evangelists and speakers.