Learning Platforms

We are distributors of several major platforms and content library providers. This allows us to design, deploy, deliver, and support close to every IT related curriculum you can dream of. However, as with everything we do, our focus is on Cloud Solutions and Cyber Security, so this is where we can really offer the best of the best.

No matter your needs or your scale, we can deliver:

      • All-encompassing learning modules, allowing us to create every thinkable learning path and skill level – here are some Cyber Security examples:

          • Data Protection Officer
          • Ethical Hacking Expert
          • Digital Forensics Expert
          • SOC Analyst
          • Certified Information System Security Professional
          • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
      • Learning LABs using real-world networks, equipment, tools and solutions from major vendors
      • Single user or team challenges simulating real world situations and environment
      • Theoretical or performance-based assessments
      • Related certification preparation and exams
      • Comprehensive reports, analytics and dashboard

Our solutions scale from a single user to hundreds of students. In addition to all the items above we can provide individual coaching and guidance, helping students to achieve their learning objectives.