PoVs / PoCs

In many cases complex solutions can’t just be deployed without validating / proving the intended outcomes. This is also true for rolling out a new technology or product as it would be way too expensive to make a mistake and select / deploy the wrong product.

Deploying technologies, products, or solutions in a real-life environment, validating the intended outcomes and at the same time helping the customer to learn and understand requires much higher skills than simply delivering a standard course or courses.

As mentioned before, our programs and courses are not delivered by instructors but by consulting system engineers who have vast experience regarding real life design, deployment, and troubleshooting of actual customer installations. This allows us to offer such special workshops for a variety of technologies and products including vendors like Aruba, AWS, Cisco Systems, Google Cloud, F5, Fortinet, Microsoft, Red Hat, Splunk, VMware, and more.

And due to our technology focus on Cloud and Security we can help with product validations not many companies can offer. For example:

      • Would you like to understand and check out if Cisco’s new XDR solution is right for you?
      • What about Microsoft vs Splunk when it comes to Security Information and Event Management?
      • Who can help you deploy Cisco Secure Firewall / Cisco Firepower Threat Defense in your network and verify if it does what you are expecting?
      • Would you like to explore different use cases of Cisco’s Identity Service Engine (ISE)?
      • Would you like to validate security features and integration in a Cisco Meraki environment?
      • Would you like to find out if Microsoft’s EDR and Sentinel are the right tools for your SOC?
      • Would you like to gain a deeper understanding of VMware Horizon Cloud Services on Microsoft Azure?
      • Would you like to check out VMware Cloud on AWS?

Please note, the above are just some examples. We can do much more than that.

Such PoVs / PoCs are also part of our “Partner Acceleration Program”, a program helping system integrators to jump start or expand their professional services portfolio. In this case we are running such workshops as a white label service on behalf of the system integrator, helping their customers to get their arms around a certain product or solution. In some cases, such events are also known as “Test Drives” or “Self Drives”.

Partner Acceleration Services
Partner Acceleration Services