What’s the difference between a training course and a workshop? In general, workshops are more practical oriented discussing real-life deployments and use cases, more hands-on applying the learning by doing principle and in many cases very interactive as the goal is to achieve an immediate business value for the customer.

Well known examples are:

      • Ideation Workshops
      • Innovation Workshops
      • Cloud Adoption Workshops
      • Business Transformation Workshops
      • Life Cycle (Optimization) Workshops

and more.

Such engagements are a mixture of education and consultancy and are usually part of a larger package including ideation, innovation, business transformation, execution and optimization.

Innovation Life-Cycle Model
Innovation Life-Cycle Model

As previously mentioned, we have a large pool of experts including business and business transformation consultants who have and are conducting such workshops on a regular basis for medium to large customers in many different geographies.  

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