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Blue River Experts is managed by veterans in the industry with more than 30 years of experience in designing and delivering large scale education programs, developing and delivering advanced technology courses, workshops and proof of value events as well as designing, hosting, and managing large scale lab environments.

Our programs and courses are not delivered by instructors but by consulting system engineers who have a vast experience regarding real life design, deployment, and troubleshooting of actual customer installations. Besides educating students, our engineers usually design and deploy large enterprise solutions or perform real world POVs (proof of value) and POCs (proof of concept) for large customers. We are often requested and contracted by product vendors to help customers make buying decisions based on their particular use case. This allows us to discuss real world use cases, designs, and operational situations with our students.

Consequently, our experts have comprehensive knowledge due to their ongoing consultancy and professional services engagements writing numerous business requirements documents, customer requirements documents, high level design and detailed design documents and deploying and troubleshooting many enterprise scale customer installations.

During their long career, our management team and experts have developed and delivered many large-scale education programs educating thousands of students on a global basis covering many technologies like Cloud, Cyber Security, all types of Infrastructure Technologies, Data Center, DevOps, Containers, Virtualization, Big Data, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. We have been and are delivering our services globally, covering all major geographies and languages.

In addition to the technologies mentioned above, we also have experts covering the business side of IT including Business (Digital) Transformation, Risk Management, Data Protection, and Compliance.

Our Learning Services include:

We cover all technologies and solutions mentioned above and have experts for many vendors including but not limited to Aruba, AWS, Cisco Systems, F5, Fortinet, Google Cloud, NetApp, Microsoft, Palo Alto, Red Hat, Splunk, and VMware.

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