Program Design and Delivery

Digitization is driving structural change. Job roles and even entire industries will disappear. Change continues to accelerate, because ever-smarter technologies can create new products and services even faster. Continuing education is a necessity for modern companies to keep up with digitization. The emphasis is on “continuing” because knowledge is constantly being refined, updated, and expanded.

With our Managed Learning Services (MLS) you can get all your qualification activities and projects designed and delivered by ONE trusted partner. Using the capabilities of our experts and contract partners, we can deliver every qualification measure you can think of including customized training portals with individual learning paths and solutions. Your benefit is a significant offload of your HR department, comprehensive cost control and savings, transparency, and planning security.

We support most geographies, in-person or virtual deliveries, e-learning or blended learning, all major languages and most major vendors like AWS, Cisco Systems, Google, Microsoft, Red Hat, VMware, etc.

Our services include but are not limited to:

      • Consulting regarding your Continuous Learning Strategy
      • Analysis of Qualification Requirements
      • Large variety of Learning Solutions
      • Design and Implementation of Learning Paths
      • Delivery of Qualification / Certification Projects
      • Student Management
      • Curriculum and Content Development
      • Quality Management
      • Reporting

Your Benefits

      • Everything is possible (there are no learning desires we can’t deliver)
      • All qualification services from a single source
      • Simplified Supplier Management
      • Substantial HR Offload
      • Consistent Quality
      • Comprehensive Reporting